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We live in a globally competitive and ever-changing market, putting the onus on the Company or Organization's management to plan and work with varying demands to provide quality at cheaper prices. Everyone working (imperative) with multiple constraints needs its resolution to stay ahead in the market without sacrificing customer satisfaction and their business profits.

For instance:

  • In certain sectors the raw material is based on vagaries of the weather. There is huge uncertainty in predicting the price.

  • In certain verticals the raw material is dollar dependant, making it difficult to factor.

  • In certain sectors, the raw material is an industrial product, which leaves remote price negotiation.

  • In the final product market, we usually may have numerous suppliers and price sensitive customers, leaving no or very less scope for price hike.

  • In certain sectors, the customers demand for more/additional features needing more activities (on the process front), which will add to the final cost of output (product/service).

  • All of the above & more compels us to look at avenues for reducing the cost of conversion (process) on a continual basis. At times this could force the business owner to go in for downsizing man, machine, sacrifice on methods, movement and raw material, which will disturb the working environment yielding short term improvement with no more avenues left later, when it goes severe.

    The need of the hour instead is in improving the efficiency & effectiveness of business processes. It has been proved overtime consistently that any improvement in business process targeting further efficiency will reduce the working capital required to run the process. This could be achieved by bringing process/systems standardization using models/standards like ISO, COPC, CMMI, etc.& further improve the standardized process/system performance by deploying improvement methodologies like Lean, Six sigma, Kaizen, etc., The usage of any particular process improvement methodology & its relevant tool will depend on nature/type of the problem encountered by the process.

    At BEST Services, we believe that there should be a strong synergy among the business processes along with planning and execution of individual processes combined with proper work culture of the organisation. The current state of the process and future vision of the process are important in deciding the selection of the right improvement methodologies & tools there under for improving the entire organisation's performance.